About School

STEP AHEAD PUBLIC SCHOOL - the new age initiative started in the year 2014 is the idea of Rajpuriya Group founder Shri. Ram Prakash Gupta. This group is working in the field of high-quality education, since last 21 years. The school to be affiliated with C.B.S.E and has a progressive approach of education and strives to draw on the advantages of commercial education and incorporate emerging trends. It also a state of art infrastructure and is located on 7 beegha campus with 30 thousand sq. ft space on each floor. Our school has only an approach and that is to ensure overall development of the child as responsible and independent individual. The pedagogy of the school is based upon research and inquiry, creativity and innovation, capacity to use thinking skills of the students and to empower them to become independent and responsible thinkers. The curriculum is designed as per guidelines, aiming the holistic development of the students so that they are equipped to face the challenges of life. Adolescent education programme and life skills education is integral to the education initiated in the school with incense pride and pleasure we share the success of our students as winners. [Not a valid template]

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For the overall development of a child's personality and skill, a healthy mind is required and a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. This is the concept that is followed by our institution while initiating children into sports. Every student is encouraged to run and jog as this develops the basic foundation for any sport.