Chief Managing Director’s Message

I am pleased to inform you that “Rajpuriya Group” is now stepping in the education field. As I felt especially in the insane context that students have the talent and interest in doing something else and end up studying and doing something altogether different. When an individual is naturally not inclined or passionate about doing something, they cannot realize their full potential as an individual. The choices that students make should not be limited by external pressures or lack of awareness about themselves and the environment.I don’t believe anyone here would be willing to say that they are seeking anything but success. We strive for success in virtually all areas of life. Success is the prize we seek and without good education to our children, it is hard to achieve. Someone once said, “it is not the destination, it’s the journey”. Our goal is success adapting and providing the best process. I simply care about education, I would do anything, whatever it takes to provide the best education possible. 

“SO THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. A tiny step in the wrong direction will lead you towards an irreversible cycle of failure, dissatisfaction and waste of time and potential”.

People who succeed in life are generally those who possess a solid set of values and outstanding leadership skills. So the question arises, who should take the responsibility for ensuring that children learn these traits? Certainly, parents are responsible for ensuring that children obtain the necessary grounding and a strong value system, but since children spend a significant portion of their lives in schools, therefore schools are also ultimately responsible for ensuring that children know the difference between right and wrong and moral and immoral behavior. But to be truly effective, character and ethics education should be a collective effort, adopted by the “Super -Majority” of the school community, including students, parents, teachers, staff and administration.

Together, we should encourage students to understand other people’s thoughts and feeling. Best wishes for an eventful and enterprising new academic year.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Mr. Vivek Gupta, Chief Managing Director


Why Step Ahead?

  • Larger school building with excellent facilities
  • Highly experienced and qualified teachers
  • Commitment to deliver high-standard of quality education
  • Educational environment that develops ethical and global citizens
  • Ensure overall development of the child with well-defined pedagogy
  • Adolescent education program and life skills education for holistic development