Campus & Building

STEP Ahead Public School is spread over 7 beegha land, provides the latest learning environment and sport facilities to create a friendly and family atmosphere to enable students to excel in extra-curricular activities along with academic excellence. The school building has all the latest equipments, instruments and teaching aids for all scholastic and co-scholastic activities such as creative arts, music, dance, drama, physical education and sports. infrastructure_2

Smart Class room

Another prestigious addition will be bringing technology in the classroom. A new light of understanding has dawned on young awakened minds. Smart class will be a fascinating place for happy children. Teacher will use smart boards, multimedia learning materials to make the teaching concept move interesting and comprehensive. infrastructure_3


The school has a spacious library and reading space for teachers and students with carefully selected books in every genre and reference books. It also includes access to local, regional, national and international information databases. The facilities, material, equipments and staff of the school library as well as its operations organized in such a way that they support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school. infrastructure_4

Transport facility

A fleet of buses and covered vans provide a regular service from the school premises to different places of the city. Students availing the school transport facility are properly cared about. As safety is a major concern for our students, all the vehicles are attached with GPS, VTS (vehicle tracking system), fire prevention system and first aid box. All drivers are well-trained and experienced, appointed after carrying out the proper police verification. In a very short time, all the buses will be equipped with CCTV cameras. infrastructure_5


Our school is fully equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras to monitor all the activities that take place in the school premises. We ensure at most safety of students and staff. The school is also monitored by the number of guards taking rounds frequently. infrastructure_6


  • Composite Laboratory A well-equipped composite laboratory for science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) practical to satisfy the child's quest and curiosity through experimentation.
  • Mathematical Laboratory A collaborative activity with multiple teaching and learning aids in a separate mathematics lab help students to understand, explore and analyze mathematical concepts.
  • Language Laboratory Focus on English speaking is an important feature of the school and a language lab has been established which actively inculcates spoken English amongst the students. It is also equipped to assist the students to practice the foreign languages learning modules with multimedia activities, improving the phonetics, vocabulary and communication skills.

Health and Medical Care

The school pays special attention to the students well being. All students are put through an annual medical checkup by specialists. Health cards are prepared and maintained for all students.

Principal’s Message

The word Education comes from "Educo", which means to go within. In 21 years of my teaching experience, I have learned that education is beyond learning to read and write.

It is:

Removing hatred, manipulation and jealousy

  • Finding out a right career
  • How to handle challenges of daily life
  • How to enjoy success with right values

Activity Hub


For the overall development of a child's personality and skill, a healthy mind is required and a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. This is the concept that is followed by our institution while initiating children into sports. Every student is encouraged to run and jog as this develops the basic foundation for any sport.